Adopt A Spot Dalmatian Rescue

25 Apr 2012

Posted by adoptaspotdalrescue

We at Adopt A Spot Dalmatian Rescue, Inc. are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of Dalmatians and to help control  the animal population by spaying and neutering Dalmatians before they are placed in “forever”  homes.  We are committed to placing Dalmatians in only permanent homes, where they will receive good, loving and humane treatment. One of our primary goals is to provide the public with education material and presentations about the breed and its needs. We try to assist owners in understanding their Dalmatian so that they do not give their Dalmatian up.

Owner surrenders are considered on a case by case basis.

We can assist you in placing your Dalmatian.

Our adoption fees are 250.00 for adults and 275.00 for puppies as of Oct. 1, 2011.

Volunteers needed weekly for BINGO night every Friday. Come show your  and have a blast!Contact Debbie for more information:

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